Please understand I must verify you so when I ask for references it means that I need you to provide me with names and contact information for other ladies you have seen in the past.  This criteria MUST be met:

Your references must be be reputable, meaning I am able to verify who they are and that they are very established in the entertainment community.

Your references must have positive feedback regarding their meeting with you - that you were respectful, clean and no negative issues occurred.

If you do not have references,  I  will need your personal information to verify your identity. Please fill out the Request Form (below) and submit the information requested. I am very discreet and I do NOT keep any of this information!

I am very thorough and I must feel 100% confident with who you are.  It all must be verified so please understand my screening process.  If you can't or refuse to get screened then I cannot see you.

When contacting me please include provider references, P411, Indys, RS2K or TER ID if available. I cannot schedule an appointment with you until you are properly verified! Also, please include one of the following options below:

OPTION 1 - References from TWO independent, high class entertainers with name, website, email.

OPTION 2 - Send a copy of your business card and driver's license and an email from your work account and your cell number.

Jemma Jade
Cincinnati, Ohio
Tel: 513-504-5950

Preferred 411 Members Welcome